I focus on you and your unique needs, preferences, and expectations of how technology should work for you.
Rate: $100 per hour (lower rates may be available)

Here is a sampling of services, questions, and tasks we can discuss and I can help you achieve. See Service Packages for bundles of related services that might apply to you.

Purchase Consulting

Find the Mac that’s right for you! We will discuss your current needs as well as your dreams of what you might do in the next five years, and can consider new, refurbished, and used options.

Switching from a PC?

Achieve the slight learning curve to become a proficient Mac user! Transfer files from your old computer. Learn how your new one is organized and how to make a smooth transition. Become comfortable working on both platforms.

Hardware Assessment

Is your Mac running slowly? Is it running the latest software? We can run some utilities to test hardware and ensure your current system is running smoothly. You may consider upgrading memory and/or storage for increased responsiveness, especially if your Mac is from before 2012.

Systemwide Cleanup

Remove clutter among applications and files. Learn best practices for keeping your system clean and efficient, inside and out.

Help for New Mac Users

Learn the basic interface, language, and design of your Mac. Develop comfort with using the mouse and keyboard. Explore important settings and choose the behaviors that work best for you. Understand how your Mac is organized so you can easily find the commands and features that will help you accomplish your goals.

File & Photo Management

Learn best practices for storing files and photos so you can find them easily without duplication. Explore and choose a path to import photos for safekeeping without exhausting available space on your computer.

What is iCloud and How to Sync Devices?

Let’s get your devices talking to each other so your contacts, calendars, and reminders are consistently displayed on each. Can also include documents, photos, passwords, and more.

Backup Your Data

Ensure you don’t lose important data. Set up local and/or online backup systems and learn to retrieve files. Consider additional backup tools for redundancy.

Password Philosophy

Learn how to compose secure, memorable passwords. Design a reliable, secure system to store and reference passwords. Keep passwords in sync between devices.

Discover New Value

How can you be even more productive? Find and get started with the best application for a specific need/goal. Learn shortcuts and other ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Feel free to explore your Mac, click on things, and discover new behaviors.



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