• I needed RAM installed on my Mac mini. Ben did this as well as troubleshooting for some minor problems I was having. He also explained some “whys” and “wherefores” regarding some quirks I was having with my machine. It was a very positive experience. He is a trustworthy and skilled person whom I would call upon again to work on my computer.

    Why & Wherefore

  • You were helpful, kind, approachable and very talented in dissecting and explaining the ins and outs of my new Mac. You’re a gem! ~ MF


    Malka Fenyvesi

  • You’re so patient with me! ~ KG


    Karen Gallant, MATS Consultant, Art for the Heart

  • You brought a sensitivity to my particular needs to ensure that I have a more efficient, productive, and consequently fulfilling computing experience. ~ MW

    Sensitivity & Fulfillment

    Marsha Weiner, President, Ironic Delights, Inc.

  • I love your coaching because you have endless patience and you don’t make judgments. ~ DH

    No Judgments

    De Herman, chaplain

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