How can computing be sustainable?

I believe that by choosing hardware that consumes less energy, focusing on efficient practices, and developing tech savvy, one can compute more sustainably. Faced with frustrating computer behaviors, confusing messages, and various other annoyances, there’s room to learn the language of your devices and build confidence with technology.

Build confidence with technology

Clients appreciate my patient, inquisitive approach, wealth of knowledge, and ability to meet them where they are. I can offer insight on shortcuts and interface quirks, help you get your data in sync, lead you to discover useful tools to accomplish your goals, and enable you to take control of your technology so you can get back to your life.

Get to know your Mac and learn its language

At Sustainable Computing, a smile is a sure sign of success! Whether you’ve been using Macs for years or recently started, I can help you get to know each other better. Working one-on-one(-on-one), we will explore your unique set of needs, preferences, and expectations of how technology should work for you, and set you on a path to productivity.

It’s like therapy for you and your Mac

I listen to your issues, pay attention to how you use your devices, and help you resolve what frustrates you. I also offer tips on new behaviors that come naturally and lead to increased productivity and self-sufficiency.

After just one session, you will feel empowered
to engage with your Mac more effectively
and take control of your tech!


Consulting with Mac users since 1996, I have learned and developed…

  • a knack for reducing frustration and increasing happiness
  • how to ask the right questions to determine and evaluate your needs
  • best practices for setting up a new Mac, sources for upgrades, and guides for take-apart
  • troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, and repair information
  • shortcuts and tricks that lead to increased productivity
  • a patient, kind, and encouraging approach and ability to meet you where you are

I read news about the Mac, sustainable living, design, and technology. I have a B.S. in Communication Management & Design from Ithaca College and an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts.



Mac + Sustainability Coach at Sustainable Computing
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